In 2015, a broad coalition of consumer privacy protection advocates fought for SB178 (Leno), dubbed by Wired magazine as "the strongest digital privacy law in the country."  That bill required that law enforcement get a warrant before accessing the digital content of Californians.

This effort was followed by the victory in protecting consumers and constitutional rights by preserving strong cell phone encryption.


Now We Need Your Help

Back in April, Donald Trump signed S.J. Res. 34, which rolled back privacy regulations enacted at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) under the Obama Administration:

These regulations would have blocked Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from sharing their customers’ Internet activity with third parties. They also would have banned ISPs from collecting or storing certain types of customer information without consent.

Super majorities of Democratic, Republican, and independent voters believed President Trump should have vetoed the broadband privacy repeal.


Restore Our Protections

We need your support in our fight to ensure AB 375 (Chau) - the California Broadband Internet Privacy Act – succeeds in restoring the protections created by the FCC in 2016 that Congress and the President stripped away.

  • AB 375 would broadly protect customer personally identifiable information through an opt-in consent requirement for the use, sale, and sharing of personal information, beyond service delivery and other necessary functions.
  • AB375 would give Californians’ the critical control they need to protect the personal information they share with internet service providers. 
  • AB 375 also prohibits “pay-for-privacy” practices and penalties for customers who do not consent to unnecessary uses, and requires providers to protect customer information through reasonable security procedures and practices.

Despite strong opposition from Comcast, AT&T and other big special interests, Senate President Kevin de Leon allowed the California Broadband Internet Privacy Act, #AB375, to be referred out of the Senate Rules Committee on July 6. 

Take Action

The bill now faces additional challenges as it has been referred three different policy committees with hearings over three consecutive days: July 17, 18, and 19, and 24 members must vote on the measure before it is heard on the Senate floor. 

Contact your legislator today. 
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Similar efforts continue to stall and fail all over the country – in red, blue and purple states – due to the significant opposition by special interests.  We will only succeed if leaders, activists, and voters call, tweet, email, or visit the legislators who must vote on AB375 between July 17 – 19. 

With more than half of the Senate voting on this legislation,  a successful passage requires calling your legislator, and the legislators of the Senate Committees on Business and Professions, Utilities and Energy, and Judiciary – and ask that they vote YES on AB 375 (Chau). 


Organizations in Support Include:

Access Humboldt
ACLU of California
California Alliance for Retired Americans
California Association of Competitive Telecommunications Companies (CALTEL)
California Center for Rural Policy
California Low-Income Consumer Coalition
Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood
Center for Digital Democracy
Center for Democracy and Technology
Center for Media Justice
Color of Change
Common Sense Kids Action
Communication Workers of America, District 9
Consumer Action
Consumer Assistance Council
Consumer Federation of America
Consumer Federation of California
Consumers Union
Consumer Watchdog
Digital Privacy Alliance
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Media Alliance
New America’s Open Technology Institute
Oakland Privacy
Online Trust Alliance
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
Public Law Center
The Utilities Reform Network (TURN)

Individual Supporters Include:

The Hon. John Garamendi, Congressman 3rd District
Hon. Edwin M. Lee, Mayor, City of San Francisco
Scott Jordan, Past Chief Technologist of the Federal Communications Commission

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